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Junior Learners

Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on. – Albert Einstein

Do you have a child who is in love with craft? You must have heard of the amazing benefits of engaging in this activity which stimulates your young ones’ brain and at the same time can keep them engaged for hours. Have you been able to nurture this creative spirit in your child to realize its maximum benefit?

 We at Artsy Craftsy are there to unleash your child’s creative side

Art and craft are very important for the development of your child. That is why it is an integral part of the school curriculum these days. Engaging in creative activity enables self-expression and helps the children cope with their feelings.

 Children take pride in their work which helps develop self-confidence right from a young age. Also, art and craft allow to spend a fulfilled quality time together!

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Why Artsy Craftsy?

We at Artsy Craftsy believe that creativity is not doing something better than others. We encourage the children to think, imagine and explore. Our expert team has come up with a course module which is just right for your kid. It not only aims at honing the child’s creative skill, but also ensure the overall development.

We teach them some advanced concepts including

  •         Study of colors and paints and forming new colors and blends

  •         Study of line, form, value, texture and space

  •         Using objects in simple backgrounds

  •         Study of curved lines and curved line objects with backgrounds

 The next level of concepts include

  •         Perspective study

  •         Animal and Bird study

  •         Art History & Art Medium

  •         creating landscape in real and abstract forms

  •         Human form and cartoons


"Kanchan Yadav what a lovely venture you have started and how nicely its being taken forward here in wishes"

-Aishwarya Kumaresh


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