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What is a Stencil Used For?

In visual arts, stencils are used or reproducing designs on a surface to be decorated which could be fabric, walls or any other surface on which a design has to be made. This is achieved by passing ink or paint through the holes cut onto the surface of cardboard, metal or plastic which are the stencils. Stencils are often used repeatedly in the same design to create bigger designs from one stencil.

Artists use different techniques to foster their creativity and design beautiful pieces of art and stencil is considered as one of the most used and effective technique for creating them.

This process of making stenciled imagery is not new and dates back to prehistoric times. Evidences point out that stencils were used in Europe and Asia over thirty-five thousand years ago. Images were found on the wall which were made by blowing a pigment over a hand against the wall. Since then, hand stenciling and classic stenciling are used on various surfaces to create images and text.

The Eskimos in Baffin Island used to make stencils which were cut out from seal skin prior to coming into contact with the Western Civilization. The Chinese are known to have used stencils as early as the 8th century. It was a popular method of illustrating books in 1920s in France.

Stencils have several uses and are used widely graffiti artists to utility companies and even the government. They are used in labelling various commodities or vehicles which facilitates their quick recognition. It is used to mark helmets, vehicles, equipment and other things by the armies.

Stencil are used widely in many industries, one such being textile industry where it is used in silk screening, a type of textile printing.

Stencils have been made popular by graffiti artists who use it to make graffiti quickly and easily. They use graffiti as a means to express themselves.

Children use it for creating simple artwork. Art lovers use it in mimeographs and fine paintings. Stencil basically allows you to do whatever you want; about the image you want to produce and the colors you want to add to it.

So, if you would like to decorate your room and not confident about your painting skills, stencils are a great way to do it. It is in fact a cost effective alternative of wallpapers or decals. It is an easy way of adding design and personality to the room.

The designs and art you can with stencils are infinite. You can let your creativity take over and indulge in your love for art, while the stencils take care of the finesse of the design and lets you easily accomplish your desired image.

So, if you want to explore the world of stencils and are wondering how to start, your search ends here. We at Artsy Craftsy understand your needs and have come with a wide range of stencils ranging from garden theme to travel to other beautiful designs which brings out the creative best in you.

These stencils are durable, high quality and reusable and can be used on any surface such as fabric, wall, glass, furniture or any other surface which you want to work on. This makes our stencils your perfect companion for anything that you want to create.

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