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Senior Expressors(10-14 Years)

Art is as Natural as Sunshine and as Vital as Nourishment – Mary Ann F. Kohl


Ever wondered how the art classes is promoting thinking and opening a flood of creativity? They may also have started taking an interest in creating beautiful art pieces to decorate their room. Do you see the twinkle in their eye when the proudly display their work to the people who visit?


At Artsy Craftsy, we understand your child’s needs and help them achieve what they are capable of – which is infinite!

 Craft is not only concerned with the art itself but promotes various other skills. It teaches the children to follow something through completion and handle problems when the arise. This is a lifelong skill which is vital for all phases of life.


Your child may have become more social and now enjoys doing fun things with friends. Art projects are often group activities which teaches social skills in a focused environment. Very few academic disciplines offer this opportunity.

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Why Artsy Craftsy?

 We understand your child’s development needs and facilitate the same in a fun way. Our experts have designed appropriate course modules after spending a lot of time on research. These activities are perfect for teaching some important skills to your child in an exciting manner.

 Your young adult is now ready to learn the following

  • Free hand composition of live still objects

  • Water colour on water colour sheets

  • Study of figures (animal, birds, human), drawings in pencil sketching       and water colours

  • Art History & Art Medium

  • Free hand topic based memory drawing


"ArtsyCraftsy changed my sons life....quite literally! Being mentored by the most wonderful teacher, he is able to deal with his intellectual disabilities in most creative and innovative ways, year on year his love for art has only increased, making all of us appreciate art museums and artists all the more."

-Diksha Arora


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