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Senior Seekers (8-10 Years)

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up – Pablo Picasso

It is an adorable sight to watch the children remain absorbed while exploring their creative side. They learn new ways of thinking, come up with new ideas and develop problem solving methods while utilizing their time in a constructive manner.

We at Artsy Craftsy believe that creativity is an asset which more you use, the more you have.

 As the children grow so do their learning needs. They need clever art and craft ideas which can promote learning in an exciting manner. This is important to ensure that the children do not get bored and keeps them engrossed for hours in a constructive manner.

 Art and craft offer a plethora of benefits for the growing children. It improves their focus and concentration and teach them to pay attention to detail. Art and craft require hand eye coordination which leads to improved abilities. It also fosters their ability to think outside the box, as skill which is important for success in life.

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Why Artsy Craftsy?

We understand the contribution that arts can make to the development of your child. Our carefully planned course module focusses on all areas of development – intellectual, emotional and physical. The activities are not only enjoyable, but a great way of bringing out the best in your child.

The children are now ready to learn the following

  •         Basics of pencil sketching and shading

  •         Basics of live object drawing

  •         Basics of water colors, tips and techniques

  •         Still life drawing

  •         Composite drawing

  •         Abstract and landscapes

  •         Styles of various art masters

  •         Art History & Art Medium

  •         Other art forms Graffilti, popart, zentangles, doodling, traditional art warli, Madhubani etc

  •         Basics of Acrylics, glass paints, color pencils, soft pastels, charcoal


"ArtsyCraftsy changed my sons life....quite literally! Being mentored by the most wonderful teacher, he is able to deal with his intellectual disabilities in most creative and innovative ways, year on year his love for art has only increased, making all of us appreciate art museums and artists all the more."

-Diksha Arora


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