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Fee Structure and Schedules

Course Fees

Online Course Fees vary from INR 2400 for beginner courses to up to INR 4000 for advanced and/or international timing batches. These are monthly course fees, having 2 classes a week (generally equal to 8 classes a month).

Duration of course can range from anywhere between 3 months to up to 3 year.

For the exact monthly fees that are applicable to the student, please confirm the same with the Admissions Team on email or phone numbers provided in the “Admissions” page.

Payment Details

After confirming the monthly fees to be paid and the admission start date with admission counselor , parents can choose to do direct account to account transfer via Net banking or UPI QR code payment. Please contact us on the phone number / WhatsApp / email in the “Admissions” page.

In all payments made, please make a note in comments to provide: Student name and parent name plus also your self phone number, to be able to clearly trace and link payment to student account.

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