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Decoupage Tissues


Decoupage Tissues is a French form of crafting which has become very popular in India lately ladies love doing decoupage as it gets them freedom to create designs which will be very difficult for people who do not know drawing or painting but with decoupage, anyone who even do not have drawing skills can create gorgeous work of art. In this form of art decoupage tissues play a very Vital role. The prints on decopatch tissues determine the outcome whatever is printed is cut and pasted over surface to give it a look of a painting and further it is decorated by using stencils and paints to enhance its beauty. Decoupage tissue is a 3 ply decorative tissue which is available in various themes floral, kitchen theme, kids specific, quotations, scenery, objects, landscapes, festival related like Christmas tissues and many more so whichever project you are making whatever be your theme decoupage tissues can be used. Home decor planks or utility products like MDF trays, cutlery set, tissue box chocolate box, jewellery box, keyholders, bird houses, alphabet monograms, kids room decor products and any shape size of planks it can give a decorative look.

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