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What are the materials used for craft making?

If you are a craft enthusiast, whether a novice or a pro there are some basic materials you would use in craft making. There are some indispensables which you have to pull out each time you engage in an activity. It is important to have the right materials so that you can create your spectacular projects each time.

It may seem impossible to create a finite list of materials, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. We are putting a basic list which will help you every time you are in your creative mood.

1. Scissors

One of the most important tools, yet though most underrated. A good pair of scissors which can cut through any material is indispensable. Reserve a pair just for crafting projects. It is also good idea to have scissors in different sizes to make different types of cuts.

2. Writing Utensils

This includes pens, markers, colored pens and crayons. You invest a lot of energy into your projects, so it is important to use the right tool for writing on it. Don’t just reach out for a pen from your kid’s school bag. Reserve good writing tools just for your crafting projects.

3. Yarn

Yarn and threads are not for knitting or embroidery alone. You can use it in a number of ways in your craft projects. It is a great item for decorating craft items. Simply spin it around a used tin to make a pretty pen stand. The ideas are plenty.

4. Stencils

Stencils are a must have. Use it for spray painting or drawing an outline. They are sure to give you the perfect result each time. All you need to know is some basics of stencils.

5. Paint Brush

Craft applicators like good paint brush is another must have. It is indispensable for easy and mess-free techniques of applying paint. It has several other uses.

6. Paint

Paints come in different types. Acrylic, washable, watercolor etc. You can add all these to your collection if you love to paint. Use it to add the bright hues to your project.

7. Paper

The list of craft paper that are used is infinite. There is patterned paper, cardstock, decoupage tissues, wax paper and so on. You need not stock all but ensure that you have the ones that you use frequently.

8. Embellishments

The list is again too long. Some must haves are glitters, sequins, googly eyes and buttons.

9. Natural Materials

The beauty of natural materials is unmatched. This includes leaves, small pebbles, dried flowers, seeds, feathers, seashells. They add to the rustic charm of your projects.

10. Glue

Different kinds of adhesives have different uses. Decoupage glue is used for decoupage projects, similarly super glue is required for several project. Stock you craft supply with different types of glue.

We know you love the mess that art involves. However, being a little organized, helps cleaning up later. Keep a plastic sheet, apron, small containers for paint which you use exclusively for your craft projects. Hope this list helps you in organizing your craft supplies so that you can have a hassle free experience each time.

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