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This nameplate is simple yet beautiful the stencilling gives it an ethnic look which makes it looks graceful and elegant.

Handcrafted Nameplate | Nameplates | Artsy Craftsy

  • Brand: ArtsyCraftsy
    Material: MDF
    Width: 20.0 inches
    Height: 8.0 inches
    Dimensions: Width: 20.0 Inches, Height : 8.0 Inches
    Weight: 1000 Grams
    Pack Content: 1 Personalized Nameplate
    SKU: A1542

    • Plants, flowers, rocks, shells etc. in the image is only for photography purpose, hence will not be given in this particular nameplate
    • Nameplate is made up of engineered wood hence it is not waterproof The nameplate is fully handcrafted, hence there might be some variations in shade, colour and graining effects of the nameplate.
    • For personalisation, send details of Names on or WhatsApp on support number, published on website. Share the SKU of design selected.
    • Hanging arrangements are provided with each nameplate (hooks)

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