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Joy of Decorating

Each of us love to decorate our homes with love and care. It is the place where we free ourselves from all worries and spend blissful time with family and friends. From the balconies in which we sit and relax, to the bedrooms where we peacefully retire for the day, we want every corner of the house to reflect our personal tastes and sensibilities.

Why state at a blank wall all day long, when you can fill it up with beautiful wall art. This is a crucial step in the decorating process. The first step is to brainstorm, the rest is easy. Why not take joy in creating something beautiful which can enhance the appeal of your home?

Design books and magazines and other online sources like social media can help you sharpen your personal style. Once you have the images you like, study the details. Try to understand where pattern is used versus where solids are used, areas where color is successful and where it is not. It will help you understand where you can add wall accents and hangings.

Read on, and you will discover innovative ideas to decorate your home this season:

  • Mirrors can be placed strategically to make a small space feel bigger and brighter.

  • A gallery wall is an excellent way of adding some personality and color. Photographs, beautiful frames, wall hangings and other wall accents can be displayed to beautify the space. An array of ornate variations can be used to mix things up.

  • Tutorials to DIY photo blocks and frames are available here :


  • Display handpainted terracota or ceramic wall plates to beautify empty walls . One can buy amazing wall plate collection from given link :

One can use variety of planters to enhance corners of their living room and green plants bring inside great vibrancy . Here is link from where one can buy amazing planters.

  • Frame your child’s best artwork and display them on the walls. Not only will your children feel proud, but it will also save you money. So,it is a win-win.

  • Hang some linens or fabrics. It provides an easy breezy environment. You can also draw abstract art on a piece of fabric and display it with pride.

  • Use old portraits or photos and put them ornate brass frames for a vintage-inspired look. It will add an eclectic feel to the overall décor.

  • Paint old bottles , jars to make amazing plant holders

The home should also be comfortable and practical and pulling all components together is a challenging task, yet extremely satisfying. Creating you own pieces of art not only makes it a rewarding process, but also lets you change the décor of your house every time you create something new.

We at Artsy Craftsy provide you with tastefully designed customized paintings which will liven up your space.

Besides, we share lot of DIYs with which you can create your own range of home décor items. Our unique craft ideas which you can use to spark your creativity and is sure to bring out the best in you.

So, don’t worry if you are on a budget, our ideas help you explore your creativity and decorate your home without spending a bomb. At the same time, it will help you create masterpieces which will help you give your house a revamp which is sure to draw a lot of attention! So

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