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Valentine's Day Art and Craft activities

Valentine's Day Art & Craft Activities for Kids: Fun & Creative Ideas!

Spark your kids' creativity and celebrate love with these fun and easy Valentine's Day art and craft activities

Starry night inspired Heart painting : Van Gogh is a fantastic artist to introduce to kids through this easy heart painting .His vibrant colors, thick brushstrokes, and swirling patterns instantly grab attention and spark curiosity in young minds. Paintings like "The Starry Night" are visually exciting and accessible even for children who are new to art.

For full video tutorial visit :

2. Floral Watercolor Heart Wreath : Watercolors is a great medium to explore the floral patterns

3. Pop Art style Art drawings: Pop art is known for its bold and playful use of color, often employing primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) in flat, graphic tones. Repetition is a common technique in pop art, used to emphasize the mass-produced nature of consumer goods and popular culture imagery. It can also create a sense of rhythm and pattern, adding to the visual appeal of the works.

For full video tutorial visit :

4. Heart Buntings: Cut out heart shapes from Ivory sheet . Paint and decorate in your favourite colors . Weave them in a string . This beautiful bunting is just apt to decorate your room on Valentine's Day.

5. Valentine's day special Calligraphy Activity : Calligraphy art is the art of beautiful handwriting. It involves using a pen, ink brush, or other writing instrument to create visually appealing and expressive lettering. Calligraphy can be seen as a form of visual art, and it has been practiced for centuries in cultures around the world.

6. Bottle/Jar painting : Video tutorial here :

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