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Republic day Painting and Craft ideas

Republic Day is a great occasion to get kids excited about India's rich heritage and culture. Here are some fun and easy painting and craft ideas to help them celebrate.

Here are some ideas that one can select the paintings as per difficulty level for various age groups . Feel free to try them and add your own elements .

  1. For full video tutorial visit :

Here are varied ideas that kids came up with as I explained about the topic , we were amazed at the ideas .

Craft idea

This activity incorporates varied techniques like painting, stamping , paper folding

  1. Firstly prepare a background on A3 size sheet by painting and stamping kites ( one can draw and paint them as well)

  2. Take another A4 size sheet and paint in Tricolors , add textures by using some stamps or doodling with markers , once it is dried , do fan folding and create the wings of Peacock.

  3. Cut a small blue chart paper to create the body, Stick googly eyes and make beak

  4. Stick the body to wings and stick it to the background sheet . Decorate by adding flowers on ground

  5. To watch full tutorial visit the link

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